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About Robert Gibson


I was born a simple boy, third in a family of six siblings.

We were country people and I started life in the hills of Kentucky, like Abe, born in a one room log cabin. We had very little knowledge about God and only one source of this, Fundamental, Traditional, Southern Baptist Religion. As I grew up my Church experience was normally in a small building that would hold about fifty of the local people. The preacher was usually a man who claimed to be of knowledge in this area and preached as a source of part-time activity and income-and could shout louder than most of the congregation. Out-of-text quotes were used handily and strict application was made.

I was about 17 when I decided that I could not be a religious person. The only religion that I had any knowledge about was Christianity, from a traditional, fundamental viewpoint, but by then I had seen that there were many interpretations of the Bible and many more Religions than the one of my experience. So my real decision was not to be Christian. There were two basic reasons that stopped me. The first was that I had a budding inquisitive mind and was starting to question some basic fundamentalist principals. The second was the idea that good people who have never harmed another, but who don't believe as I do, would be prevented from obtaining salvation. These were strongly enforced by the principal of “sinning all week and being saved on Sunday."

For a while, mechanics and engineering became my religion, I went to college and studied engineering and entered the work force in the mechanical field. I worked until my life hit one of those inevitable bumps that forced me to stop and take stock. I had a severe physical problem that almost took my life. As a result, I again became interested in what religion was all about. I was not a spiritual person but I felt a need to look at what might happen after death.

Older and wiser, I took a second look at Christianity and found that my basic reasons for not being a Christian still prevented me from adopting that faith; although I found some good messages that I had no problems with. I began looked to other faiths and occults, and found many teachings that conflicted with my Fundamentalist back ground. Something that really astounded me appeared while looking at some of the life work of a so-called psychic.

I came to the conclusion that there are many different roads to the same place and it matters little what religion you start from, the end result is the same. The application of the “Golden Rule” is a must in our search for Heaven and our existence here on earth is an opportunity to learn to apply this rule and grow in spirit to be “with God”.

My intent in this web site is to display how easy it is to live the life that we all pursue in our search for God.
















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