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    Question and accompanying responses

The Works of Jesus:
    Ministry of Jesus
    Historicity of Jesus
    Jesus Teachings: Other Earth (Little Book of Remembrance)
    The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ
    Why Was Jesus Crucified?
    The Teachings of Jesus
    The Tachings of Jesus as told in the Bible
    The Sophia of Jesus Christ
    Jesus Seminar
    Center for Spiritual Understanding

Other Documents of Religious Interest:
    The Apocryphon of John (long version)
    Bible Passages about Yeshua's Teachings
    Books of the Bible
    Jefferson Bible
    Crossroads Chart
    Center for Spiritual Understanding
    Gospel of Mary
    The Nag Hammadi Library
    The Nicene Creed and the Trinity, another look
    Acts of the Apostles
    POCM (Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth)
    Yahowshua or Paul
    Constantine I
    Islam: A Threat to Freedom
    The Gospel of Phillip
    The Apocalypse of Peter
    Who's in hell? Pastor's book sparks eternal debate

Religious Tolerance:
    Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

The Law
     The Law by Frederick Bastiat















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